Care-guiding principle “cared for in dignity”

  • The support and professional care of the residents is the focus of our work. In doing so, we tailor our care individually to the history and health situation of the individual resident.
  • We take the privacy of the residents into account and support them to maintain their life style and important habits as far as possible. To provide the residents with a new home is of utmost importance to us.
  • We treat the residents with respect, cordiality, kindness and happiness which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house.
  • We promote social gatherings and friendships in the nursing home by means of entertainment programs as well as through daily contact with each other.
  • In order for the residents to feel comfortable and safe with us, we take care of physical and emotional concerns equally. This also applies to residents in the last phase of their life.
  • Through the means of a nurturing care, we can achieve that the residents are for as long as possible independent. Lost skills should be learned again and existing ones strengthened.
  • We are constantly working on improving the living and residential quality of our residents and are open to all suggestions. Our care process is continually being further developed.
  • We put emphasis on a high quality of care. We want to learn from our mistakes. There should be no blaming for them nor should they be hushed up.
  • We are proud of our nursing competency and are always in the process of developing this by further education programmes.
  • We talk openly about all important issues, deal honestly and respectfully with each other and give support wherever it is necessary.

The nursing staff lives this care mission. All employees implement this mission statement in their daily work and are supported by the management team. The motto “cared for in dignity” is fundamental in all activities.