Care costs

What are the costs for you?

Fees for full-station care

The monthly total costs stated refer to a permanent stay in our house (calculation of single rooms at 30.42-month-days):

Degree of care “sprightly”:
EUR 1.687,70
Care degree I:
EUR 1.960,60
Care degree II:
EUR 1.515,83
Care degree III:
EUR 1.515,83
Care degree IV:
EUR 1.515,83
Care degree V:
EUR 1.515,83

(valid from 01.07.2017)

If the personal income is not sufficient for the payment of the monthly deductible, funding by the public authority is possible in addition to the benefits of the nursing fund. Personal circumstances are of significant importance. We would be pleased to advise you in detail and support you in all procedural questions and requests. Please refer to our performance list for the services included in the fees.

Remuneration for short-term care and preventive care, your daily deductible:

Pflegerad I-V:
EUR 39,31 in a single room
EUR 36,31 in a double room

Within the scope of short-term care, the nursing fund reimburses a maximum of € 1,612.00 per year for nursing expenses. The stay is limited to 28 days a year. A prerequisite for an allowance by the nursing fund is an achieved approval of the need for care and a subsequent classification into a nursing care category/level. Preventive care requires at least half a year of an existing nursing care level and the verifiable prevention of the family member carers.

We would be glad to provide you with information regarding all questions about short-term care in a personal consultation.