almavita. In Würde umsorgt.
almavita.Ein neues Zuhause.
almavita. Deutschlandweit.

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With us you will find a new home

We enjoy working for the people in our in-patient nursing homes. Because living conditions change in age, we pay close attention to the fact that every resident can maintain her or his individual life style as far as possible. We provide you with a pleasant living environment and high quality care, understanding and acceptance.

We want you to be cared for in dignity.

almavita’s highlights

In all our residences you will have access to our premium services.


Internet in the rooms or internet café

You access the internet or stay in it. Life with video calls, ordering options, sending emails. We will support you here as well.


Wine and beer with dinner

We will take care of you if you like drinking a glass of wine.


Happy and motivated employees through a company-owned bonus card

With us employees receive financial advantages that they can use in shops.


Coordinated colours, sounds and scents in the living areas

You will be embedded in a relaxed feel-good atmosphere with simultaneous room air purification.


Modern SIS care documentation and thus more time for the patient

In our houses we use modern software, which reduces errors and frees up time for the staff.


Club concept with home cinema and social gatherings.

Watching old and new films and organising small parties together


Children’s and animal afternoons

Playing together, laughing and stroking a dog is balm for the soul.


Residence on trial

If you cannot yet decide – try us out.