FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time for a nursing home?

If you feel more insecure at home and you can no longer manage your everyday life despite a carer or the care of your relatives. If you forget your medication, feel very lonely and isolated, or need more emergency care at night.

In the case of dementia at the latest when a 24-hour care is necessary and the relatives are overstrained.

What is the difference to a provisioning in your own four walls?

You will take all meals in a suitable, tasty quality. The social contacts, friendships and common leisure arrangements bring you back to life. Many people blossom again and become active. You do not have to worry about any household chores. Physiotherapy and other therapeutic treatments can be found directly in our house. Your medical care and 24/7 emergency help give you the security you need.

How can I find the right nursing company for me?

It is best to look where you have connections to your environment like friends and relatives. Visitors are welcome with us and your beloved contacts are kept alive by events with relatives and friends.

How do I get a nursing care level?

Our contact persons in the nursing homes are well-versed in this regard and support you with the applications and other official formalities.

What costs do I have to reckon with?

From 2017 onwards the standard deductible will be introduced for nursing home residents. This means that you will always pay the same amount in your residence regardless of your level of nursing care. This makes the cost for you predictable – even if the nursing care level is raised.

How do I organise my move?

In the residences we have experience with moves and household liquidations. We would be pleased to provide you with the necessary professionals and organize your move.